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Our Systematic Approach

Our goal

Our goal – to turn the average student athlete into the above average citizen athlete. We will help them excel – physically and academically. We want our athletes to capture the eyes of college recruiters and earn college scholarships. Pro Start Academy will help them do it!


What we do

Fundamental football training – How can student athletes impress scouts with their skills? Show them the mechanics. We can help student athletes become better players and get the attention of coaches and scouts.

Speed training – FASTER – QUICKER – STRONGER. We help athletes develop their speed, agility, quickness, power, strength and flexibility.

Nutrition – Eating better leads to better performance.

Health screens – We provide a medical team to do basic health screens.

Mental training – Confident players play at a higher level. We help build that confidence. We want student athletes to be more aggressive, sharper and quicker than their opponent.

Personal management – Why not learn from the mistakes of other? Pro Start Academy helps student athletes get the right advice to make the right choices. We will help student athletes manage their futures.

Success strategies training – Many have traveled the road to success. Why not learn from them? We expose student athletes to business executives, professional entertainers, professional athletes and others.

Curriculum services – We offer training on how to study, how to manage your time, how to manage your anger, how to speak and interview, how to make decisions, and how to prepare for the ACT and SAT.

Marketing for scholarship consideration – We offer assistance to student athletes and their families in preparing for college and seeking scholarships.

Academic development – The majority of student athletes will not have colleges beating down their doors with scholarships in hand. Pro Start’s goal is to help students get to college with or without a scholarship.

On line learning – Pro Start’s on-line learning platform is a powerful learning experience that uses chat rooms, forums, lectures and quizzes to make learning fun and effective.

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